TOPIK 1 Preparatory Course

TOPIK 1 Preparatory Course

This course is designed to help candidates to prepare for the TOPIK 1 test by going through must-know grammars, vocabularies, expressions etc. Participants should already have studied sufficient Korean to cover course materials.

  • Course Timetable
Course TypeDayTimeDurationTotal HoursDate
  • The course schedule is subject to change without advance notice.
  • Tuition Fee
Course TypeTotal HoursFees(HKD)TextbookTotal Price(HKD)
  • The class may not open if the number of students in each class is less than 6.

Summer Intensive Course

2020 Summer Intensive Coursesummer course-R

  • Beginner Summer Intensive Course

This program aims to intensively learn beginner Korean ability in a short period of time during the summer. Students will learn expressions of daily life situations that can be easily adapted to the real life.

1. Summer Intensive Course [ 24 hours course ]
Course TypeDayTimeDurationNote
S_EWed12:30 ~ 16:3008/07 ~ 05/08 (6 weeks)Teaching in English
S_M 1Wed / Sat11:00 ~ 14:0008/07 ~ 01/08 (4 weeks)Teaching in Mandarin
S_M 2Wed / Sat11:00 ~ 14;0005/08 ~ 29/08 (4 weeks)Teaching in Mandarin
  • Please fill online application form and send it to us.
  • The opening of the course will be canceled if the number of students in each class is less than 5
  • The lesson will be taught in English or Mandarin. Please apply accordingly.
  • The course schedule is subject to change.
2. Tuition
Course TypeTotal HoursTuitionTextbookTotal Price
S_Mandarin 124HK$3000HK$250HK$3250
S_Mandarin 224HK$3000HK$250HK$3250
  • The tuition is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • The tuition can be settled by EPS/Cash/Check/Bank Transfer (No credit card).

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* Buy over 10 sessions of group lessons and get a 10% discount.
* Buy over 12 hours of private lesson and get a 10% discount
* Buy over 20 hours of private lesson and get a 15% discount