TOPIK 1 Preparatory Course

TOPIK 1 Preparatory Course


TOPIK 1 Preparatory Course for October and November of 2018


This course is designed to help candidates to prepare for the TOPIK 1 test by going through must-know grammars, vocabularies, expressions etc. Participants should already have studied sufficient Korean to cover course materials.


  • Course Timetable
Course TypeDayTimeDurationTotal HoursDate
TOPIK 1 OctoberSunday14:00 - 16:304 weeks10Sep. 16/23/30/
Oct. 07
TOPIK 1 NovemberSunday14:00 - 16:304 weeks10Oct. 14/21/28/
Nov. 04
  • The course schedule is subject to change without advance notice.


  • Tuition Fee
Course TypeTotal HoursFees(HKD)TextbookTotal Price(HKD)
TOPIK 1102,000Handout2,000
  • 10% first payment discount is not applicable for TOPIK preparatory course.
  • The class may not open if the number of students in each class is less than 6.

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